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$90m Downtime Cost - Facebook

Instagram, Messenger and Whatsapp and Facebook were all down for at least 14 hours.

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British Airways Planes

Bloomberg - British Airways IT Outage

150 short-haul flights were delayed due to technical issues resulting from an IT outage.

The possibility of a cyber attack was ruled out after the outage was found to be linked to a hardware issue.

Source: Bloomberg

The Register - Bank of Valletta goes into lockdown mode

Bank of Valletta shut down all internet access including branches and cashpoints forllowing a cyber attack.

Source: The Register


£92m downtime cost - NHS

Wannacry cost the NHS a total of £72m according to estimates from the Department of Health and Social Care.

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$300m downtime cost - Maersk

In June 2017, Maersk was infected with by the NotPetya ransomware outbreak.

In an Interim Report for Q2 2017 Maersk's CEO warned that the cyber attack is expected to "impact results negatively by USD 200-300m".  The entire network was down for days leading to knock-on effects to the global shipping industry.

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