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$75 Million Downtime Cost - Norsk Hyrdro

Norsk Hydro was hit by a cyber attack in March paralyzing its IT systems.

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$90m Downtime Cost - Facebook

Instagram, Messenger and Whatsapp and Facebook were all down for at least 14 hours.

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British Airways Planes

Bloomberg - British Airways IT Outage

150 short-haul flights were delayed due to technical issues resulting from an IT outage.

The possibility of a cyber attack was ruled out after the outage was found to be linked to a hardware issue.

Source: Bloomberg


BBC - AWS Outage Causes Mass Disruption

Amazon Web Services suffers its third outage of the year with disruptions affecting thousands of users all over the world.

Multiple apps have been affected including; Prime Video, Alexa, Amazon Ring, mobile banking app Chime and robot vacuum cleaners iRobot.

There are also reports that AWS clients McDonald's, Netflix and Disney and others are having issues.

Source: BBC


The Register - CenturyLink Outage

Major web provider CenturyLink was down for 7 hours on August 30, 2020.

As a provider to clients including Discord, Twitter, Xbox Live, PlayStation network, Amazon and many others, the outage caused massive disruption cutting off 3.5% of global internet traffic.

The cause of the outage was eventually diagnosed as a misconfiguration in one of the CenturyLink data centers.

Source: The Register




330m Downtime Cost - TSB

TSB suffered a $137,66m (£105.4m) loss and had to pay customer compensation and fraud costs of around $163m (£125m).

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