Information Age - HSBC Online Banking IT Outage

HSBC suffered downtime on its online banking portal on the 27th of February 2017 .  The outage was estimated to have affected 68% of customers.


Source: Information Age


Digital Health - Failure of core network at Northumbria downs IT systems

Northumbria Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust’s core network routing failed, causing a trust-wide IT outage between 17 to 19 February. The trust had to revert to paper and pen after a network fault took out its clinical and administration systems for two days.

Following the fault, the trust used social media to say that waiting times in A&E would be longer until the IT problem was resolved.

Source: Digital Health


Business Insider - A startup with $25 million in funding is in crisis mode because an employee deleted the wrong files

GitLab suffered a data loss of 300GB of data written during a 6 hour window.  Approximately 1% of users were affected.

5 backup methods were found to have failed but data was later found on a staging server.

Sources: The Register & Business Insider