The Register - And so we enter day seven of King's College London major IT outage

King's College London suffered days of downtime after virtualised systems failed during a hardware upgrade.

While no costs are mentioned, internal websites, shared drives, room booking, payroll, student records, purchasing and catering services bookings have been affected.

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Travel Weekly - United says it recovered quickly from last week's computer outage

The IT outage was caused by a glitch as the carrier conducted a flight-schedule update. Two systems competed with each other to get data to a third system.

While it led to the cancellation of 16 flights, the business apparently recovered quickly (according the comms chief) but no official times were mentioned.

This was the third airline outage of 2016.

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Lloyds of London

Computer Weekly - Insurance brokers count cost of lost business as SSP SaaS platform outage enters second week

SSP's downtime began when a power outage caused an HP Storage Area Network (SAN) in the company’s Solihull-based datacentre to malfunction.

Brokers were unable to access the cloud platform to perform key business activity for nearly two weeks afterwards. The system is used by 40% of the UK’s brokers to track insurance renewals and remind customers to reinsure their vehicles, as well as source quotes and purchase products from third-party insurance providers.

Source: Computer Weekly