£92m downtime cost - NHS

Wannacry cost the NHS a total of £72m according to estimates from the Department of Health and Social Care.

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TSB - IT Downtime

£176m downtime cost - TSB

TSB split from the Lloyds Banking Group and migrated the old Lloyds Banking Group computer platform to the Sabadell Proteo platform.

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Amazon Prime Day

$90 million downtime cost - Amazon

Amazon suffered an outage of its website in the US at the start of the Prime Day promotion.

Amazon was forced stop international traffic and revert to a scaled-down homepage.

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£15m downtime cost - WPP

WPP, the world's largest advertising network was infected with by the NotPetya ransomware outbreak in June 2017.

Sir Martin Sorrell, WPP, Chief Executive reported the network was affected for around 10 days and cost the company up to £15m before insurance.

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$300m downtime cost - Maersk

In June 2017, Maersk was infected with by the NotPetya ransomware outbreak.

In an Interim Report for Q2 2017 Maersk's CEO warned that the cyber attack is expected to "impact results negatively by USD 200-300m".  The entire network was down for days leading to knock-on effects to the global shipping industry.

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British Airways

£500m downtime cost - British Airways

British Airways had an IT outage over the May Bank holiday in 2017. Over £500m was wiped off the market value BA's owner IAG.Read more


$150m downtime cost - Delta Airlines

In August 2016, Delta cancelled over 2,100 flights after a power outage shut down the company’s computer system. Read more


$54-82 million downtime cost - Southwest Airlines

In July 2016, Southwest Airlines grounded over 2000 flights due to a technical issue, which caused the company’s website to go down for around 3 hours and consequently sparked “intermittent performance issues” across multiple technology systems. Read more


$35 million downtime cost - Sony Pictures

Sony Pictures was the victim of a huge cyber-attack in November 2014. The hack was linked to North Korea in alleged retaliation for the film “The Interview”, a fictional story based on their leader Kim Jong Un, due to be released by Sony Pictures.Read more


£126m downtime cost - RBS

Royal Bank of Scotland’s 2012 outage, caused by a failed software upgrade, saw 6.5m customers unable to make payments, check account details or use online banking for up to three weeks.Read more